Founded in 2013 fueled by the desire to experiment with the precise mixture of musical genres and odd soundscapes, the primary goal of Dust In Mind was only to tell its own story with its distilled sentiments and extreme dynamics, showing endless creative possibilities. The signature production and the tortured vocals from Dam (brought from the Death Metal band Blindness and Absurdity) combined with the ethereal voice of Jen makes Dust In Mind a powerful, unique and groovy Industrial Metal band. With such members as Jackou, Jack (ex-Karelia guitarist) and Xav, the final line-up consist of professional musicians only, putting on a show that is just as crushing as unique.


DUST IN MIND is a band that starts its career with over 50000 YouTube impressions, over 4000 Facebook-fans and a regional fanbase which is unheard of, even before the release of their first album, is truly a bearer of hope amongst this mass of newcomers. Filling “La Laiterie - Artefact”, the famous venue in Strasbourg with their followers almost a year before the release of their first full-length album, DUST IN MIND clearly has proven to have the finger right on the pulse of a whole generation.

Their arrival on the industrial-metal scene is comparable to the beginning of a triumphal march of a very few selected productions, headed towards the summit of the metal scene, to claim their place beside stars like PAIN, MINISTRY or LACUNA COIL.

With their debut album “Never Look Back”, the female-lead five piece band from Strasbourg promises not only to fulfill the highest of expectations, but to surpass them. Catching melodies coupled with the most dissonant of riffs, that might be reminiscent of HYPOCRISY are refined to a mixture of hardness and beauty by the angelic and vigorous voice of the female lead singer JEN. While DAM, her male counterpart at the microphone, brings those metal fans to bang their head with his dynamic growls.

Like very few bands in history, DUST IN MIND manages to combine melody and severe rhythms to a highly dynamic and explosive fusion, which finally evolves to a real artistic mixture by the delicately used, but well composed synth-lines, enabling the release to compete with those albums that sparked its existence in the first place.

The eleven tracks of “Never Look Back” are released on a high-quality 6-page collector-digipak which is limited to 1000 copies, and therefore is on its way of rapidly becoming a highly coveted collector’s item. The booklet contains exclusive photos of the band, inlaid with the lyrics of the songs, which helps to appreciate the finest details of DUST IN MIND. And to perfect the experience, three music videos will be released that will complete the debut album to a masterpiece in a visual way too.


Jennifer Gervais : Vocals
Dam :
Guitars / vocals
Jack Ruetsch :
Jackou :
Xavier : Bass




2015 - Never Look Back



01 Intro

02 How Can You

03 I Love As I Hate

04 Never Look Back

05 The Slave Of Man

06 Give Up

07 Frozen Smiles

08 Real Nightmare

09 Farewell

10 Toxic

11 My Departure


2013 - Dust In Mind - EP




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